Mini Shoe Haul & Review

“A woman carries her clothes. But the shoe carries the woman” –Christian Louboutin.

Many people say some women are too obsessed with shoes. I disagree with that, simply because one cannot have too many shoes! I don’t know if it’s just me, but if I wear one pair of shoes for a while, I get tired of them. Change is always good. Another reason why having many pairs of shoes is handy, is because some shoes only go with certain outfits and vice versa. Hence the point to this post today is to show you guys two pairs that I recently purchased. If you guys want me to do a shoe collection post just let me know in the comments below :). So without further ado…let’s talk shoess!
The first pair are the 1460 Cherry Red Doc Martens in smooth. They have other options such as shiny and vegan but I opted for this kind. These are my first pair of Docs and as you can imagine, it was pretty exciting when they came in the mail 😀



They come with spare shoelaces as well. I bought these on ebay, and saved a lot money by doing so. Now I know what you’re thinking, ebay?? You have to purchase your item from the right person and I have the link to the buyer I bought these from here. I ordered to my true size, since Doc Martens actually expand once you break them in. I didn’t find mine tight or uncomfortable, though I’m sure many people do. So if you find your new Docs a little bit tight and uncomfortable at first, it’s also completely normal!

DSC_0011Before buying anything on ebay, amazon or similar sites, it is very important to research the seller, look at buyer reviews and make sure they are legitimate. Now, with buying them online, how did I know they were real? Well I found a website on how to spot fake Doc Martens here.

The second pair I purchased were brown canvas and faux leather Oxfords. I have been meaning to buy Oxfords for a while now, and when I saw the price to these, I immediately got them. Get them here.


Overall I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases and can’t wait to come up with new outfits for you guys!

xx, Viona.


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