November Update

Is it me, or has this year completely flown by? It’s already nearing the end of November, slowly approaching Christmas! I recently bought a few items this month, that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys 🙂



Ever since discovering Lush products, I’ve fallen in-love with everything; from the customer service, to the freshly handmade cosmetics. Another great thing abut Lush products is that they are against animal testing, which most companies nowadays don’t care about. So whenever I use the products, I feel good inside because no animals were harmed or used to test if it works! The only con is that they are expensive, so I do not buy cosmetics there religiously.


Rate: 8/10

Being in the Christmas mood, I went with this lotion that has an amazing smell and also moisturises pretty well. I’ve been using this lotion everyday for the past 3 weeks and it’s still at a good level. A little bit goes a long way!


Rate: 9/10

Need I say more? This perfume has a fresh scent that makes you feel like the breath of god! Its small size makes it easy to carry around for a quick pick me up.



Whenever I go to formal events, such as dances or evening parties, I always carry my go to essentials in a small purse that’s easy to carry and also glam. I recently went to my school’s Semi-Formal dance( Lookbook coming soon!), and I was able to fit everything I needed in here without it being bulky or heavy.

What are some of your November favourites? Comment down below 🙂

xx, Viona


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