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Happy 2016 guys! Hope everyone’s new year is starting off well ūüôā This year one of my resolutions is to consistently update this blog as much as possible. This means i will try to have content up every other week! Throughout past year, there were times where I completely forgot that I even had a blog (It’s really bad I know) but a lot of changes are happening this year.

Anyway, this month’s participant in the Style Series is a girl who lives a few doors from me and I’ve been secretly admiring her style ever since we became friends. Her style is very unique and sophisticated, unlike your average 18 year old who would just go for jeans and a basic shirt.

 Name: Tabitha Oni
Program and Year of Study: Social Sciences(First Year)
Hometown: Milton
Where do you get your style inspiration from?: I get most of my style inspiration from the vlogger, Patricia Bright. She has a diverse sense of style as she can pull off a serious edgy look and also pull off a laid back look.
Favourite Clothing Store: Forever21
Any fashion pet peeves?:I really dislike bright colours on me so I usually stick to neutral colours.
Any advice for the readers?: I find that clothes that fit perfectly show off your figure no matter what size you are! High wasted jeans or pants are must-haves in every wardrobe as they show off your figure and they can be paired with crop tops or long tees.F

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Rings: Aldo

Top: Forever21  Pants: Forever21  Blazer: forever21

Sunglasses: forever21  Septum: hot topic  Necklace: Aldo

Shoes: Zara



4 thoughts on “Style Series

  1. David Kellen says:

    It’s good to see the younger generation take an effort in what they wear. Good pairing of clothes, understanding her body type and my favorite, not skipping on the accessories.

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