Peachy browns


August is finally here, but where did the summer go?? I still clearly remember walking out of school reminiscing on my first year experience, and in less than three weeks I’ll be going back. A lot of changes have been happening, including dyeing my hair, and it turning orange-was supposed to be red( I cried many tears) But it washed out to this blood orange colour that I actually don’t mind. However, with this colour, I have to be wary of the kind of bright colours I wear, because no one wants to look like a crayon. For today’s outfit, I went with a peachy coloured shirt and paired it with brown shorts, which complemented it very well. I added a few extra pieces like the cardigan and hat in basic colours as not to take away from the colour scheme.

Shorts: Garage   Shoes: CallItSpring   Bag: Forever21

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Style Series: Part 3

Hello lovelies! If you’re not familiar with my Style series, it’s when different people, each with their individual style are featured on this blog every month. It gives a really unique perspective on how each person views and showcases their style. For this month’s style series we have one a good friend of mine whom I met this year and whose style I’ve always been lowkey jealous of (I know she’ll probably read this but whatever). Her style can be described as loose, light and minimalistic. Don’t let the smile fool you, the sun was literally melting our faces when we took these.

Name: Tamara Alissa

Program and year of study: Kinesiology (First Year)

Hometown: Toronto

Where do you get your inspiration from? No one specific, but I like to feel fluid in the places I hang around the most like Kensington market. There’s this communal dress code around there that I unknowingly fall into which I’m totally cool with because it compliments my daily life and it’s comfortable and cheap

Favourite Clothing Store? Black market or H&M. I generally like the rustic feel so I love second hand clothes.

Any Fashion pet peeves? Overly tight clothing!! It’s hard to rock an outfit that’s got a tight top and a tight bottom, in my opinion it’s nice to contrast tops or bottoms with something free and loose. But if you can rock leather leggings and a tight tank top then that’s awesome too!

Any advice for the readers? Take the time to wear things that tell a story, that reflect what you would wear during your hobbies. For example when I’m painting I always wear loose jeans. When I’m wearing them outside, I feel like I’m myself/at home and it’s mentally comforting if that makes sense.

Check out Tamara’s instagram here

Shirt: Zara  Pants: H&M  Bag: Black market


OOTD: Black History Month

February is finally here! Yall know what that meanss (Noo not valentines day), BLACK HISTORY MONTH. It’s quite surprising that 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the celebration of this month, and as you can tell, I am pretty excited about all the festivities and events that are going to take place in honour of the black Canadians; past and present.


Today’s outfit of the day was inspired by the “winter” weather we’ve been having. I can’t remember the last time I saw snow?? But anyway, just because it’s super cold outside does not mean you can’t dress up and look bomb everyday. Just layer up in cute scarfs and accessories, throw on a cute winter jacket(It doesn’t have to be warm) and you’re set!

Jacket : Mexx

Scarf: H&M

Purse: Indigo

Jeans: Hollister

Shirt: Brandy Melville

Booties: CallItSpring

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Style Series


Happy 2016 guys! Hope everyone’s new year is starting off well 🙂 This year one of my resolutions is to consistently update this blog as much as possible. This means i will try to have content up every other week! Throughout past year, there were times where I completely forgot that I even had a blog (It’s really bad I know) but a lot of changes are happening this year.

Anyway, this month’s participant in the Style Series is a girl who lives a few doors from me and I’ve been secretly admiring her style ever since we became friends. Her style is very unique and sophisticated, unlike your average 18 year old who would just go for jeans and a basic shirt.

 Name: Tabitha Oni
Program and Year of Study: Social Sciences(First Year)
Hometown: Milton
Where do you get your style inspiration from?: I get most of my style inspiration from the vlogger, Patricia Bright. She has a diverse sense of style as she can pull off a serious edgy look and also pull off a laid back look.
Favourite Clothing Store: Forever21
Any fashion pet peeves?:I really dislike bright colours on me so I usually stick to neutral colours.
Any advice for the readers?: I find that clothes that fit perfectly show off your figure no matter what size you are! High wasted jeans or pants are must-haves in every wardrobe as they show off your figure and they can be paired with crop tops or long tees.F

Follow Tabitha on Instagram

Rings: Aldo

Top: Forever21  Pants: Forever21  Blazer: forever21

Sunglasses: forever21  Septum: hot topic  Necklace: Aldo

Shoes: Zara



Style Series: Part 1

Hello you lovely humans! So the other day, I came up with this idea of a style series, where I feature certain people whom I get fashion inspiration from, on this blog. I haven’t figured how often I’m going to be doing this series, but we’ll just go with the flow here haha! It’s pretty exciting seeing how different each person expresses themselves through what they wear, and especially here in Toronto, where everyone has their own unique style. I’m hoping you guys gain as much inspiration as I do from this Style Series, and don’t forget to leave feedback in the comment section below! 🙂

To start off with I’d like to introduce one of my close friends whom I bond with in everything including fashion. Her style is pretty effortless yet super cute.

IMG_1032 Name: Vivian Serena L
Program and Year of Study: Kinesiology and Physical Education (First Year)
Hometown: Hamilton
Where do you get your style inspiration from?: I get my inspiration from Youtube and Instagram fashion bloggers
Favourite Clothing Store: Brandy Melville!
Any fashion pet peeves?: I prefer clothes that fit my figure, and not ones that make you look like you’re drowning in them.
Any advice for the readers?: Being yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin has to always come first.
Check out Vivian’s Instagram here: 



Jacket: H&M Shirt: Brandy Melville Jeans: Hollister Shoes: Dr Martens Bag: Kate Spade

IMG_1021 IMG_1025 IMG_1027IMG_1029 IMG_1022 IMG_1024


August vibes

IMG_8348Every summer, when August rolls around, there’s this feeling of time running out. Maybe it’s when some of realize that our time for going out and adventuring is coming to an end. Or for others who haven’t gone out as much, to possibly cram in as many summer activities in a month as they can. Either way, summer is at it’s prime. For today’s outfit, I was inspired by this pastel green coloured shirt, and I wanted to find a colourful way of styling it without looking like a crayon. I paired it with this skirt which was a darker shade of blue in order to balance the colours. I kept the outfit’s colour range to a minimum, and opted for black and brown accessories and shoes.IMG_8347

Shirt: Aritzia Skirt: Forever21 Shoes: Forever21 Bag: Etsy

Shirt: Aritzia
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: Etsy




One outfit two looks

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday. Just recently I was looking through some fashion magazines from a few years ago, and one thing  I noticed is that the rules of fashion are changing. What was “in” 3 years ago is completely forgotten now, as designers and stylists are always striving to create something new. For instance, I ran into this article of ‘Fashion Do’s and Don’ts’ and one of the things were “You can’t wear denim with denim”. Obviously I was surprised as wearing denim with denim is completely normal nowadays. Anyway, that is what inspired today’s outfit. Personally, I believe wearing denim with denim is fine as long as they are different shades! I came up with two looks for you guys; One more dressy and one casual.

Look One:


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Look Two: 

For the second look, I replaced the bold necklace with a simpler one, and the heels with sneaker wedges. I lost the belt and added a snapback to give it more of a laid-back vibe.


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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Prom Dress Shopping

Hello lovelies! 🙂 It’s that time of the year again, when every girl is on the hunt for the perfect prom dress. It’s definitely stressful, because you only have your senior year prom once, so you want it to go smoothly! Not to worry ladies, I did some research and managed to come up with different styles of dresses all depending on your body shape to make sure it’s the most flattering fit! I will do two dresses for every look, one for the splurgers, and the other one for the budgeters( Is that even a word?). Knowing your body shape will not only make it easier to shop for dresses, but also other clothes that will make you feel and look amazing!

The Straight Body Shape.

For my straight shaped  ladies, your hips and bust are balanced and your waist is not very defined. You also have a bottom that is more flat than round. Your lower legs are always shapely and one of your best assets.Fitted sheaths and classic shifts work well with your shape, while an Empire waist or simple A-line help to create some curves. One-shoulder styles ensure a dramatic silhouette.

Left: Promgirl, $358                                                              

Right: 1861, $88


The Pear Body Shape

As a Pear Body type (sometimes called triangle), your hips are larger than your bust and you have a nicely defined waist. You have an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. Your waist is your best asset so don’t be afraid to show it off. Strapless dresses enhance your upper body and draw the eye up, while full or A-line dresses help hide wider hips. An Empire waist marks the smallest point of your figure, distracting from everything else.

Left: Nordstrom, $519

Right: Unique Prom, $128


The Hourglass Shape

For the curvaceous ladies, your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a defined waist. Your have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with your hips. You most likely have a rounded bottom and beautiful side as well as front profile. Your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs which are shapely. Wraps, knit dresses and classic sheaths with fitted waists enhance your classically feminine form. Look for adjustable-waist styles for the best fit.

Left: Promgirl, $278

Right: LoveDresses, $355


The Full Bust Body Shape

Also known as an Inverted Triangle body type, you have a proportionally larger upper body. You have broad shoulders, and ample bust and a wide back. Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the small side.Classic V-neck wraps and halter dress styles draw the eye downward for a slimming effect. A-line styles, full skirts and details at the hem help balance out the bottom half.

Left: Jovani

Right: PromDressShop, $350


Hope this post helped you guys, or at least gave you an idea of what to start looking for 🙂 Happy shopping!

xx, Viona


All grunge everything

DSC_0015Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you know that the past month has been pretty crazy because of semester 1 exams. This means I had absolutely no time to blog and it was pretty depressing! I have decided to make blog posts every sunday from now on, so I’m more consistent with you guys. Having the day off today, I decided yo put together this outfit that was grunge inspired 🙂





Jacket: Mexx

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Shirt Dress: H&M

Tights: Thrifted

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Sears