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Light Cafe


Happy 2017 everyone! Hope this new year has been treating you all well so far. One of my goals this year was to to go out and explore Toronto more, as much as I can in the little time that I have left. So me and a friend of mine decided to brave the minus degree weather(actually ridiculous) and go out to one of the most popular go-to places for food and coffee. The place was too cute not to take some shots for you guys.

Being an avid tea drinker, the first thing I wanted to try on their menu was the Chamomile Herbal Tea with Fruit. This warms you right up and makes you feel all fuzzy on the inside.

A moment of silence for this being the best sandwich I’ve ever had.


We obviously had to try out the dessert and we went for the Creme Brulee Three Ways. This had earl grey, white chocolate and coffee.

Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth adding to your list of places to try in Toronto. Until next time!


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Easy Breakfast Crepes


Hello everyone! So I woke up on this wonderful Tuesday afternoon(Yes I said afternoon), and had a sudden urge to make crepes. Making food from scratch obviously takes time ANDD effort, so I was glad to have this recipe on hand. It’s about a five minute prep time and only 20 minutes max to cook all the crepes. This recipe made 8  medium crepes but it can vary depending on the size. The other awesome thing about this recipe is that you can swap ingredients without messing it up. For example, honey/ agave nectar for sugar or almond/coconut milk for normal milk.


1Tbsp butter
2 Eggs
1 Cup whole wheat flour
1Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
11/2 Cups milk


  1. Melt the butter by putting in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Use a whisk or a spoon to mix up the butter in a separate bowl.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients.

And that’s all you have to do! Easy right? The crepes can be eaten plain, or you can add any fillings you want. Some suggestions are maple syrup, greek yogurt, fruit, peanut butter, or just plain old butter. IMG_8570 IMG_8572 IMG_8577 IMG_8579

Until next time!

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Foodie Fruitie 原味

Whenever I meet up with friends or loved ones, one thing is for sure: we will definitely indulge in some sort of meal, whether it’s home cooked meals or going to restaurants. Food is one thing that will always manage to  bring people together. Going out to eat tends to be my favourite, just because you get the chance to experience new foods and atmospheres.

 Today, after arguing for about 20 minutes about where we should eat(we’ve all done it come on), we decided to go to Foodie Fruitie. If you are looking for an affordable meal that’s aesthetically pleasing and that tastes amazing, i would highly recommend checking it out!             


Ottawa and Montreal Highlights

Hey everyone! So me and my friend spontaneously signed up for a March for Life school trip, which took two days in Ottawa and Montreal. The actual event was only 4 hours in Ottawa, so we got a lot of time to explore the city. I have to say, at first I didn’t have very high expectations for Ottawa, but after exploring a bit, I was very impressed. I would very high recommend adding Ottawa to your list of places to visit this summer! All these pictures were taken with an Iphone 5s as I did not have my dslr camera with me.

Parliament Hill

The Three Brewers Restaurant

Ottawa street art

Montreal was truly the highlight of my trip, as it’s one of my favourite cities that I’ve visited so far. The culture in Montreal is extremely vibrant, with everything from shopping stores to all different kinds of food spots.

Five guys Restaurant

What cities do you guys love to explore over the summer? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Viona