August Book Review

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is enjoying their last few summer weeks. For all the bookworms out there, this post is for you! I have been eyeing these books for a super long time since I heard of the spectacular authors behind these masterpieces. Nayyirah waheed is a well known African-American poet who has written two books so far, Salt(2013) and Nejma(2015). (And hopefully many more to come). I discovered Nayyirah on instagram and have fan girled at her poetry ever since. I even went ahead and got a tattoo of my favourite line in her book Nejma( See last picture attached ).

Salt was her the first book to catch my eye, and all I can say is the book sells itself. I had read multiple reviews online before my purchase, and ALL of them were good. And I mean ALL. Honestly this book applies to everyone, not just females. It offers a very unique look into the female mind, more specifically the mind of Nayyirah. She has her way with words, and a simple sentence could make you sit and contemplate for hours. (I did this) This book takes you on a journey through the themes of identity, race, love and feminism.

The second author I’ll be talking about is Ijeoma Umebinyuo, an uprising African poet. Questions for Ada is currently her only published book, but she has been featured in various magazines and has participated in a TEDEX talk. My take on Questions for Ada is that Ijeoma definitely has her own unique raw writing style that captures your attention from beginning to end. She covers various issues such as love, abuse, race and identity.

After Salt was published, Nejma followed two years later, and I think people expected the same kind of poetry that was in Salt, but Nayyirah showed that two different kinds of works can be made from the same writer. Nejma consists of a collection of poems that explores all emotions from angry to tired to peaceful, that leaves you hungry for more.