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An Ode to Going Back Home

To all my fellow immigrants,

Who left a part of themselves back home,

I see you.

I know the feeling of leaving all the love that is back home and venturing into a foreign land that may or may not accept you.

I know the feeling of yearning,

Yearning for the familiarity that you grew up with.

Longing for the friendly neighbour who lived down the street from you,

The neighbour who would let you pick mangoes from their tree.

Missing the aunty (who was not really your aunty) who lives up the hill,

The aunty who knew all the details about your life and accepted you as their own.

Yearning for your grandmother’s food,

Food that nourished your soul in no other way anything could.

I know that sometimes, you ask yourself if going abroad was worth losing all that for a while.

I mean, we are always told that the grass is greener as soon as you board that plane,

But you learn that the grass has always been green at home.

The earth has always been rich,

Your ancestors’ energy has always been the strongest.



It felt so good to be back home.

It felt like this is what my body has been telling me to do since I left.

To come back home.


To all my fellow immigrants,

Take pieces of your home with you.

Pictures, jewelry, recipes, anything.

If you haven’t called your grandparents in a while, just know they miss you, and they love you. So call them.

And lastly,

Try visiting if you can. Go back and remind yourself that you have a place that will always accept you. A place that will always have love for you.

A place that you can always call home.

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Hello Vancouver

A few weeks ago, I bought a one way ticket, packed up and moved to the west. If you had told me a year ago, hell a few months ago even, that I would be living here I would never have believed it. However, one thing I do believe in is making spontaneous decisions. Without spontaneity, life would simply be boring. Putting yourself in a new environment with unfamiliar faces forces you to adapt to the change. Change. Change is very good. Because without change, there’s no growth. Personally, I felt like I had hit a roadblock with my growth process, not just emotionally, but mentally as well. I needed to challenge my beliefs, question what I thought was right and/or wrong. Rearrange and shift my pieces, in order to see where I really stood.

The first time I visited Vancouver, I was in awe. For a city girl, exploring every nook and cranny of this city has been my goal. Trying out the best restaurants, visiting must see attractions and of course experiencing the night life. I haven’t felt so alive in a long time, and I guess in the end, isn’t that what life is all about?

Of course I took pictures, and narrowed it down to the ones I felt captured the city the best. But obviously y’all got to come see it for yourselves, pictures hardly do any place justice.


Until next time,



Ottawa and Montreal Highlights

Hey everyone! So me and my friend spontaneously signed up for a March for Life school trip, which took two days in Ottawa and Montreal. The actual event was only 4 hours in Ottawa, so we got a lot of time to explore the city. I have to say, at first I didn’t have very high expectations for Ottawa, but after exploring a bit, I was very impressed. I would very high recommend adding Ottawa to your list of places to visit this summer! All these pictures were taken with an Iphone 5s as I did not have my dslr camera with me.

Parliament Hill

The Three Brewers Restaurant

Ottawa street art

Montreal was truly the highlight of my trip, as it’s one of my favourite cities that I’ve visited so far. The culture in Montreal is extremely vibrant, with everything from shopping stores to all different kinds of food spots.

Five guys Restaurant

What cities do you guys love to explore over the summer? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Viona


Travel Essentials: Backpack edition

If I were to do something for the rest of my life, it would definitely be travelling. The thought of new people, experiences and culture makes life more interesting. On any trip, there are things that are very useful to have in your carry-on luggage whether it be a purse, tote or backpack. I like backpacks because they leave your hands free so you can fumble around for your tickets, passport,etc more easily.

I had been meaning to purchase this bag for a while but I was putting it off  because of the price and I had other bags I could use. However, when I saw the amount of space it had, I decided it to go for it and make it my “travelling bag” . It is definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy one. It has a 15″ laptop space, magnetic  snap tabs at the flap closure, an outer magnetic snap flap pocket with zip closure under flap and made of good quality polyester



Now, without further blabbering, here’s  what I keep in my backpack:

Hat: Ardene Sweater: Thrifted Small leopard print bag: Winners

Hat: Ardene
Sweater: Thrifted
Small leopard print bag: Winners


Above I have basics like my wallet, a book I’m currently reading, and my sunglasses.


I also like carrying a water bottle because I drink water like crazy(seriously), and my tablet to check and update my blogs and such.


Inside my pouch, I have:

Sunglasses: Ardene Hand Cream, Perfume, Lip balms, and Deodorant: Shoppers Drug Mart

Sunglasses: Ardene
Hand Cream, Perfume, Lip balms, and Deodorant: Shoppers Drug Mart

I usually also have sunscreen and hand sanitizer, but I could not find them for this post.

Happy travelling!